Promoting Vibrant Health
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Nutrition Response Testing

Natural Healthcare the way Mother Nature intended.

We make sick people well! We use a simple, proven system designed to improve your health quickly and effectively. It uncovers the cause of ill health, it doesn’t just mask symptoms. The body is viewed as a whole, not just its parts. Our primary goal is to find out exactly what you need to look and feel your best right now. With Nutrition Response Testing, you can identify the causes of chronic health conditions now – and build a solid foundation of health for the future.

Call our office to set up your first visit at: 206-365-1030
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The purpose of the first visit.

Will you benefit from Nutrition Response Testing? The purpose of the first visit is to gather information about you to determine whether or not we can help you. We’ll collect a brief health history and perform an initial exam. Then we’ll prepare a “Report of Findings” including your findings and a health improvement plan. The Report of Findings visit will occur 2 – 3 days later. If it is determined that you are a “nutritional healing case”, it will include a timeframe for healing, the initial requirements for you to get better, and the expenses. If we agree to work together, you can start the program right away.

The Nutrition Response Testing Technique.

As a new client, we test you using our simple, proven technique to analyze the body for specific organ weakness in order to assist us in determining the underlying causes of your non-optimal health conditions. When we find the underlying cause, we then help the body correct the cause by supplying appropriate nutritional support and lifestyle guidance in order to facilitate more normal physiological function. We recommend and make available professional supplements and educate you on how to take them in order to bring about a healthy body. Our testing is extremely reliable and accurate in figuring out what your body needs. Even the most complicated health problem can be figured out with this technique. Most importantly, the results we achieve demonstrate its effectiveness.



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